Your Industry Partner — Advocating for Long Term Care Hospitals

For over 30 years, the National Association of Long Term Hospitals (NALTH) has been at the forefront of policy and research related to long term care hospitals (LTCHs). With implementation of new patient criteria and an increased focus on value, LTCHs must adapt to the evolving healthcare environment and demonstrate their role in the continuum of care.

As the only national association advocating exclusively on behalf of LTCHs, NALTH is engaged on many fronts to support its members. These efforts include communicating the value of LTCH care to policy makers and payers, advocating for sensible regulations that recognize the important services LTCHs provide to the most critically ill and complex patients, and supporting empirical research to help drive sound policy decision-making.

NALTH, whose members include both for-profit and not-for-profit LTCHs, is a vital resource to its members and a strong advocate for the patients who need LTCH care.

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